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i'm pacing the dark room and all i have now is the look upon your face a wink to whisper, No. and we never knew we should feel ah, we should feel for the blaming the fights the silence the shards of us breaking and all i have now is the look upon your face when you tell me its you. (chorus) and i want to matter can you undo what you've done so if this is what you want come close, come closer. the cuts we remember the one's no one ever knows a flame of touching holds the price of souls and i may never know cuz all i have now is the look upon your face and i want to matter so if this is what you want keep close, ah keep close.
follow along curve a shunning, a false woe tearing like she knows could it be that you wish you could speak or will it be that you won't (Chorus) for i been, and i ain't so the telling will not survive oh, it seems right for you don't have to want me too as if night remembers yes, you know your men and what they never were they told you its yours as if they could not fathom you were right. and it won't be that way for us is forever songs and rapture is so far gone for my night for i been, and i ain't so the telling will not survive oh, oh you love but you don't have to for i will remember that first night
St. Ann 03:45
Look at the other side of it all what does she mean when she says I'm all she needs for I've been less than whole and she carries a bag full of holes we wonder, how do you protect a gesture of sincere for all you have is a tape a few loose sheets save me, save me (Chorus) for maybe its easy this time she was a twelve blew a kiss from the other side and maybe she wished for you before you were born for you see her you remember what its like to breathe and you don't realize that i conjure all my troubles to way lay them aside for the prayers left inside your eyes
Pauper Song 04:15
Coves 02:48
This is what waiting feels like a push against strong wind i've been seeing myself in fall leaves and one of us might not make it much longer and some of us may never know just when the light goes for the awful quiet (Chorus) let me take your hand and say with all my might i could die tonight. and i've been placing all this blame on empty nights toasting cups of lies wondering if this is my life but too shook to ask why morning now and i made it so the sky holds blood against its bottom rim and the ground forgives the calling of its name in vain i grab your hand to say again i could die tonight holding on to you holding on my love
Maybe you scared and have been for a time now they tell you it be alright the years peel away and truth frays a million dead boys 500 responsible this is the modern my friends have let them take the tiny cuts hush the voice in us placate the soul's debate for fear is their weapon. (Chorus) how does matter that we are failing oh, complicit in your own suicide for the voices marching on this is the modern my friends.
Try . . . 05:22
Can i go to the north shore and will myself to be more than just me past his name of that face he gave and will myself to be more than a mirror of how he failed you. can i make my way my own love my own hate let me tell you of my scars from a time that he held you so fleeting and you want the magic of a do over a do over don't deny it don't deny for regret is akin to suicide but time is a curse served cold in a womb without your name.
Amen Corner 03:49
This, how you been? get old, too practiced no care, considering all the gift of an ear of a shoulder of my time, but never yours. we must be the one who pretend fail to hear to march in place as if its new not broken (Chorus) consider me no longer a boy far from defined stronger than most consider us a love a war that fear of failing that amen corner where prayers are kept by candlelight and wonderment as if you were a child and you never knew your father's hand and all that was meant by the word - man. so when your mother held you so tender, so new it was loved by you the you that you plan for that you tuck close and its not my concern you take care of yours.
1000 Rocks 04:01
I found you buffing stone not what you want me to be but it really is. cuz its magic that we claim its hard to set aflame and place it by name not gonna be what you want me to be. but its alright oooh, its alright. it really is. there's a 1000 rocks in my mouth and you yapping i see your eyes destroy the sun and the moon is a jewel never worn.


This has been an interesting year to say the least. Upheaval on a global scale, the jobless situation in our country bubbling over. This has also been a year of growth, of reflection.

Chris Anderson and i started making music together under the moniker - CRAVE. we have recorded three records now, this being our latest i thought it apt to call it Beulah, after the neighborhood i live in call by us locals- Beulah Park. Also, the idea of "Beulah" being some ancient memory, kind of leading my hand giving me lyrics, and the courage to strap on a guitar in my early middle age and play songs.

My good friend calls the music Black Punk. I do not disagree, in fact i like the idea of it, because Punk symbolizes the idea of doing whatever you wish, sound however you may. the concept of D.I.Y. has been commodified over time, but it is apt here.

as with any Cleveland Tapes Release, we allow you to decide what you want to pay for the digital versions of our music. we hope that in doing this, we offer goodwill and get it back in return.



released November 4, 2011

Recorded/mixed by Paul at THE BLACK EYE/71ST Door.

Chris Anderson plays Drums on tracks 2, 4, 6, 10, 11.
Prepares guitar loops for tracks 4, 11.

Ed Sotelo plays Bass on tracks 4, 6, 10, 11.
Thanks Ed, we really love your work on this one.

RAW - Guitar/Vocals on Beulah.
Drums on tracks 3, 5, 7, 8 , 9, 12

Julia Smith does vocals on Coves.
George Chupek solos on guitar for This Before Choking
Lyz Bly does the vocal on An Introduction


all rights reserved



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Cleveland Tapes Electro Collective
Created in 2001 by RA Washington and LaToya Kent - Cleveland Tapes acts as an incubator for futurist art/media, and music.

To submit work contact us @ tinysubmissions@gmail.com

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