St. Gil and other songs

by Crave

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Recorded live in tribute to Gil Scott- Heron, a legendary figure across the world, and certainly an inspiration to us, here in Cleveland -where "home is where the hatred is".
rest yr weary bones.


released July 1, 2011

written and performed by Crave
Chris Anderson, RA Washington
guest drummer - E.react

Recorded and mixed by Elijah Vazquez


all rights reserved



Cleveland Tapes Cleveland

Cleveland Tapes Electro Collective
Created in 2001 by RA Washington and LaToya Kent - Cleveland Tapes acts as an incubator for futurist art/media, and music.

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Track Name: Crave - The Now . . .
This is the age of forgetting
where parts and plans don't match
and your stars to stripes are lax
and falling down.

time slips to stagnant
and we forgive our haze with pills.
you maintain yr Armies with yr babies
and the people are ghosts

the slippin'
so urban, so fiction
as your science keep churning
to learn how to cope without heart.

your city's not burning
and your populace not warring
but your justice is unseemly

and your leaders are greedy
and the game is building
so we are disappearing
and our comfort is slipping
as our worldview is shrinking

the pimp is the profit
and your master is elated
to see these angels
Track Name: Crave - will it. be still.
If you won't let me
be in this you
at least grant me
a walk along with you.

see i've been searching for a place
and like you, whispering at pixies
perhaps we can get close
placing all magic in the slight

of your hand
trying my best to be
this man who does not falter
that does not scare

lets dazzle lovelorn
let me play in your hair

well my momma told us stories
of a bliss so rare

lets dazzle them moons
let me play in your hair

see my father
was not so wise
a cuss and liar
what he was
he was just for show
just for passing through
can't be that way
can't be that way with you.

let me move these mountains
climb up your thigh
let me play in your hair
while i die in your eyes.
Track Name: Crave - Pauper's Song
My mama is a Pauper
and my daddy's a coward
my sister is an angel
and my brother is the devil

and i will kill the country that made us this way.

she told me stories
of the will to never bleed

he said his whispers
like a man in heat.

My mama is a Pauper
and my daddy's a coward
my sister is an angel
and i,
i'm the devil.

and i will kill the country that made us this way.
Track Name: Crave - Maggie's Song (these hands you've made sincere)
All it took was one move
one gesture
and its out of frame
so i hold stories
to the roof of my mouth

so i had secrets
till there was nothing left
and she heard whispers
about the past i had
and no telling what they knew

all i need is one pause in the talking
so i can show you these hands
that you've made sincere.

and i've had some lovers
and maybe so have you

and i've hurt some others
and helped some too

its never so
so out of frame
always gray

its useless to contest
past regret
for all it took
was one slight detail

so you can love me
i want you
to love me
like i have nothing left to give
Track Name: Crave - St. Gil
that trouble, those songs
the oooh walk soul
the spitting
and I've known Gil Scott
and do come
from a broken home.

we were stacked, us three
in a tiny bedroom
she would move mountains
if it meant survive
where i heard you
the first time.
the dusty dubbed tape.

"and the junky is a walking
troubled, through the twilight.
rest your weary bones."

you going home now
I'm on my way home.

and Satan hears the calling
tries to tempt the young
for vanguard, ooh his vision
is burden.
and them lovers
don't understand, all fall in

they kill our heroes
with the lure Narcotic
ease the pain, that trouble
this song of a way home.

and who will sing for Gil Scott
ooh, who will sing
for those pieces
of a man undone.

"and the junky is a walking
beauty in the twilight
resting the weary bones
you on the way
on your way