by Leroi Da Moor

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    This is the forth solo effort from Leroi Da Moor, and we think it might be his most consistent work, the beats- which were released as an instrumental limited edition tape (sorry we all out of 'em) caused quite a weird ripple in the Northcoast, and so the cat decided he would sit on the record for almost six months!

    Now we cannot even get in touch with him. He named it TAR for alot of obvious reasons, but again he was kinda of leery of talking about it. Frequent collaborator, RA Washington had this to say, " the guy is post ambition. he really just wants to make beats and sometimes he wants to rhyme over them. i just think the guy is so weird, and so fucked up that it wouldn't matter anyway cuz ain't nobody checkin' for this shit."

    So here we are - with TAR. the first song off this is dedicated to Cleveland Tapes collaborator/ artprovakateur/drum maestro Bim Thomas, and its called Niggre Death Metal. pay what you want for this, like many of our releases, and spread the word. without listeners there is no music.
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This album's production was created on the following gear -
Roland sp 555, MPC 2000, Boss sp303, Roland 404, casio sk 1, sk 5 and mk100. original recording completed with sony cassette tape recorder. Over 300 records were used in the making of this album. There is only one sample that you will recognize. We are sure of that.


released October 1, 2010

Written, and Produced by ra washington
recorded, mixed and mastered by Elijah Vazquez at The Used Toy Store.
Guest spots by Donald King, and Julia Smith


all rights reserved



Cleveland Tapes Cleveland

Cleveland Tapes Electro Collective
Created in 2001 by RA Washington and LaToya Kent - Cleveland Tapes acts as an incubator for futurist art/media, and music.

To submit work contact us @ tinysubmissions@gmail.com

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Track Name: You and I (interlude)
you and me,
naw we was never
meant to last long
gave you a cuddle
and a chop for the hell of it
yeah it was
two or three times
i remember you was built terrific
nastee as you wanna be
stop it
it was never cuz you
wasnt fine as hell,
just was never meant
to last longer than a season
besides you too liberal

"always fucking around with
them causes"

drunk and slovenly
askin for a rub and some nookie
college educated
a working girl
long hours
expense accounting
drive me around
license is suspended
i entertain
and you paid for the wine
boo for you.
so if you feel up to it
give a call later
or you can just pretend
that it never happen
and let me stammer away

stammer away
cuz i will never
be confused with
a working stiff
and my intentions
are a day away
waitin for a month
to get paid
seeing me
upsetting you?
after all this time
and you still
ain't over it
Track Name: Baba Ganoush
damn customers
banging on the window
early morning
at the arab deli
supply and demand stylee
supposed to be open
but i had a few things
stab in the morning
boss will surely flip his
but i had to give a pitch
met last week
around closing time
she wanted the baba
and fresh pita
the hummus too
wouldnt take no
for an answer
but when i looked
up saw the milf
a line skirt
and the classic
lines up
she give me
the look over
nigga in the arab

she asks, you always work here?


i tell her to visit me in the mornings
cuz she fine for fuckery
she like how i cop my slang
bear impersonation

she come in am
for an early morning
take in the back
show the 1, 2
kosher bell

to red glare
slip shot
in moon fare

yella habbibi
hurry my sweets
the customers
are waiting
Track Name: Cardigan
subtle dont fly
in this machine
of ghosts
and chains
cars to bling
flames to gasp in
air to tax
love to squander
tales of wander
this a picture
lust evoking
gush to gasper
er, rush in
this is danger

glib his handle
he so fancy
french a flakin
love the dirt tapes (repeat)

i want you to suffer
head scratch
emote a wonder
a b in itch time
copy the hipster
he a dummi (coke psa here)
he a dummi

i could give you
the slow skull
rhyme of me so nice
and he awed
but he is future
and he dated
all the vixens
sing a church hymn
tells of whoah
and they sway
almost dancing

but its all subjective
a vein to pop
and ussy dangle
skate the fancy
pansy his click
mine is dangerous
super humble
beyond your total
some dub flutter
and she step in shit see
a trend
mander vague
as cut throats
a fix drill presser
in tight cardigan sweater
she asked
you to cuddle
so you snort white
and waist fantasies
wet with what could be
strange the leaves held
blotch paper for escape

[all along/ we go waiting/ for the hook
but the hook is silent
and ellison deadly
play invisible
till it fractures
big city confetti]

it was a culture
before tv
music for masses
rap city
party the hipster
blue eye liner
nikes on the feet
made in china
elements of nothing
politics of bluffing
picture me voodoo

hyper text
meta physical
lean against her
lean gain stiffy
pretty ass amazing
grace less
is better than no nickel
to rub /ber
not bert and ernie
but feeq and someone
maybe beth sometime jasmine, or her cousin
or rebbecca
maybe claire that chick coco, and her chrystal
or samantha just a snuggle, for a cold night
it a wonder -
[all along we go waiting for the hook
but the hook is silent
and ellison deadly
forging my past to the present

big city confetti]