I witness

from FATHOM by G.O.R.K.

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In Unicode, the capital I is codepoint U+0049 and the lower case i is U+0069.
The ASCII code for capital I is 73 and for lowercase i is 105; or in binary 01001001 and 01101001, respectively.
The EBCDIC code for capital I is 201 and for lowercase i is 137.
The numeric character references in HTML and XML are "I" and "i" for upper and lower case, respectively.

I WITNESS = something like this.


from FATHOM, released February 20, 2010
Written by Dwayne Pigee'
Produced by e.REACT


all rights reserved



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Cleveland Tapes Electro Collective
Created in 2001 by RA Washington and LaToya Kent - Cleveland Tapes acts as an incubator for futurist art/media, and music.

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